SwePep precursor - Download
The SwePep precursor sequence collection includes the sequences from the mouse peptide precursor proteins annotated in SwePep. It contains 123 protein sequences with a total number of 23,601 amino acid residues. Using unspecific cleavage 4.406.615 peptides were derived from this sequence collection.

SwePep peptides - Download
The SwePep peptide sequence collection contains the sequences of the endogenous peptides annotated in SwePep from mus musculus. It is constituted of 245 sequences and 6,776 amino acid residues, when using unspecific cleavage this sequence collection generates 1.142.680 peptides.

Predicted peptide sequences - Download
By using the existing neuropeptide processing knowledge, possible peptide sequences were predicted from the mouse proteome (IPI mouse version 3.15) according to the following template: Arg/Lys-(X)m- Arg/Lys ↓ -(X)k -Arg/Lys-(X)n- Arg/Lys ↓, where m,n=0,2,4,6, X-any amino acid, k=3-50. The C-terminal basic residues ((X)k ↓Arg/Lys-(X)n- Arg/Lys) were removed and the sequences (X)k were stored in the sequence collection.

This collection is constituted of pre-cleaved sequences and searches against it should be performed without any cleavage, i.e. the tandem mass spectra should be directly matched against the sequences in the sequence collection. There are 3,413,034 predicted peptide sequences with 83,182,326 amino acid residues in this sequence collection.