For each search query, a maximum of 25 hits are shown in the list. Narrow your search by combining different search fields.Here is a list of possible combinations:
  • Accession number
  • Organism name
  • Organism name and peptide name
  • Organism name and mono-isotopic mass
  • Peptide name
  • Mono-istopic mass
Accession number is the same as accession number in SwissProt
Organism name is a common english name for the organsim e.g. Cat or Dog. It is possible to search for a part of the name. Click here to download a excel file with all the scientific names and their corresponing common names.
Peptide name is the name of a neuropeptide or part of a name of a neuropeptide.
Mono-isotopic mass is at least two digits and Accuracy is at least one digit. E.g. mass: 1239 accuracy: 0.5